Monday, 13 April 2015

Nest box camera update 2

This is as far as the blue tits have got after the second week.

It still seems like slow progress in building the nest but compared with last year's birds at least this pair seem to know what they are doing.  I can remember last year watching the birds come in with a beakful of stuff, peer around the box and then take it out again!  The male bird seemed especially useless - I think he was working on the theory that it you are no good at the housework you won't get asked to help.

Yesterday it poured with rain most of the day and one of the birds came in for a while to dry off.  They do stop bringing in material when it is raining.

I think the female is doing all the nest building - she organises the material by doing a circular dance with her wings fluttering, as here.

Today is the first time I have seen the two birds in the box together.  The female (top) came in first and was begging for food from the male.  When they are together you can see the brighter colours on the male.

There will be more frequent updates on progress in the nestbox on the Nestbox camera 2015 page via the tab below the header photo above.

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  1. Good to know your blue tits are as slow as mine! Was beginning to think they had abandoned my box but as I write they have appeared again. Yippee