Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Queue for the bath

Well this was fun.  I wondered why I had to keep refiling the birdbath so I set up a spy camera to keep an eye on things.  It started off in fairly civilised fashion, taking turns for a drink.

One of the great tits was the first to dip her toe in the water.

Then this guy turned up ...

... and started throwing his weight around ...

... so the other birds kept a respectful distance, out of splashing range.

By the time he had finished most of the water had gone.

With the shallower water the smaller birds seemed more confident that they wouldn’t be out of their depth.

To start with it was still one at a time ...

... but a queue began to form ...

... and they realised that soon there might not be any water left.

The pictures then started to deteriorate because of water on the lens.

And the sparrow's toes began to go all wrinkly.

This guy turned up late but wasn’t sure that someone else’s bathwater was his cup of tea.

In less than an hour this was all that was left.  Time for a refill.

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